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Your privacy is important for us. In this document we tell, which kind of information we may collect about you, how we may use the collected information and which are your legal rights.

This GDPR document is used with all user data we collect, no matter how it is collected.

KotiKyla.com have a legal right to make later changes to it’s data protection policy, if that is required by the law or KotiKyla’s business development.

As a user or customer you accept this data protection policy by using our services.

1. Register holder

Kotikyla.com Oy (2884426-4)

Vapaaherrankuja 3

00570 Helsinki


tel. +358 50 5444450

2. Questions

Please provide all questions and enquires to our company e-mail address [email protected] Our Customer Service answers in two business days to questions and enquiries related to our marketing & customer register and data protection. 

3. Register name

KotiKylä.com marketing & customer register

4. Signing up to KotiKyla.com

To sign up to Kotikyla.com you have to be a real person and you have to be at least 15 years old.  If we find out, that you are not fulfilling these criteria, we have a right to remove you from our register. 

5. The information collected

 KotiKyla’s marketing & customer register can include the following data from consumers. 

  • Name
  • E-mail 
  • Address
  • Zip
  • City
  • Registration time and membership level 
  • All data the customer has given us from a home she/he is selling or seeking 
  • Other home-related interests the user has shown to KotiKyla.com when using our service.

6. The data sources  

a) Marketing and lead generating operations

We use marketing, communication and conversion optimization to collect contact information about the users, who have shown interest to KotiKyla’s services and either allowed us to send messages or joined to our mail list.

b) Customer service and Web Service

Our Customer Register maintains customers’ contact information and the information about the home the customers are selling or buying.  Most customers give their data themselves to Kotikyla’s web service. Customer can update their data 24/7 themselves and decide, what information is public and what is not and delete their data if they want. 

7. Personal information – what we are collecting and why? 

a) Registered users 

From all registered users we collect E-mail, username, name and zip.

Registered user can update and maintain her information herself. She can also add more information and a profile photo, if she wants. 

From the customers, who publish a listing, we collect and maintain the listing information.

Registered users can send enquiries to the listing owners. We collect copies of the messages to prevent bad behavior, spam and criminality in our service.

User can see and update all the information she has given for us and also delete everything if she wants. 

b) Anonymous page visits

To improve our service and customer experience we analyse your visit in our site, even if you are not signed up or logged in. We use Google Analytics, GoSquared and Hubspot as our main tools.

8. Reasons to collect personal data 

We collect user and customer personal data to develop our user experience,  customer service and marketing & communication.

The data we collect is used and utilized only for our internal development and marketing purposes. We never give or sell our data outside to get financial advantage for us or any others.


9. Maintenance of the customer data

The contact information and the listing data from registered users is maintained in safe and SSL-protected web service https://kotikyla.com. The site is hosted on Fastcomet’s servers. 

Our main channels for user and customer communicaton are chat and e-mail. To keep the communication organized and to improve our service level we use customer engagement and customer relationship platforms GoSquared and Hubspot.

KotiKyla.com-mail addresses are hosted on Fastcomet servers.

Kotikyla.com’s personnel, IT-support and our trustworthy service providers have an access to KotiKyla.com’s user and customer data.

Our user and customer data is not sold or given for sales and marketing purposes outside KotiKyla.com and it’s service producers. We keep the our user and customer data always safe.

 10. Cookies

We use cookies to improve your user and customer experience.

Because we use technical cookies, we are able to create you an user account, you can log in and update your own profile and listings and our web service works correctly.

Operational cookies makes your usage easier. Because of them, you don’t have to log in to our service every time, but the cookie remember your credentials. Also if you have put something to shopping basket, it waits for you when you come back. However, your password is always protected. Even we don’t know it.

Analytical cookies help us to analyse and improve our web service usability. We follow our web service traffic and usage using Google Analytics, Gosquared and Hubspot. 

11. Removing or updating the user or customer data 

We can remove a single user or customer data, if the customer relationship ends or if someone wants to remove his/her own data.  

If you are a registered user and you want to delete or update your data, you can do that easily from our web service. Just find My KotiKyla from main menu. 

Update or delete your user profile —-  choose “My user profile”

Update or delete your listing – choose “My listings”

Delete your membership – choose “Cancel my membership”.  

If you want to stay as our register user or customer but you don’t want to get any more any marketing e-mails, you can unsuscribe from any marketing e-mail you get. You can always also send us e-mail to address [email protected], so we will help you.  

12. The principles of the data protection 

We keep our user and customer information safe.  We utilize different methods recommended in the law to prevent anyone to get an unpermitted access to our user and customer data. 

The methods we use to protect your data are:

  • safe passwords
  • website’s SSL-protection
  • we never see your payment info or have an access for it
  • using trustworthy business partners
  • we have an insurance for data leaks


KotiKyla.com Ltd has a legal right to change the GDPR rules. The changes in the legislation or in KotiKyla’s service could have an influence on the GDPR rules. 

As a registered user you have a right to ask us for following things: 

  • to get access to your personal data.
  • to ask us to change, limit or remove your personal data.
  • To make a complaint to officials.
  • Cancel your acceptance to use your personal data without an influence on data usage done before your cancellation.
  • A right to transfer manually your data from our database to another database.

KotiKyla.com keeps a legal right to deny the requests, which are repeating or very wide or do not have a clear reason.


The marketing register and data protection  

E-mail: [email protected]

Customer service & billing

E-mail: [email protected]

Partnerships/ recruiting 

[email protected]


Kotikyla.com LTD

Vapaaherrankuja 3

00570 Helsinki


VAT  FI28844264